Brochures, flyers, business cards, billboard ads, posters and more. Stated above are an indication of few printed products used by enormous front line companies on a daily basis, why not advertise everything online and reach a higher number of people in a single click? Why business cards? Why flyers? Why brochures? Everybody including you reading this knows that users hate ads on the internet and very few browsing buddies stop to read for few seconds, so these few are indeed starter recipe to impress and attract customers, in fact most people find printed ads to be less irritating than an online; a client will inspect your business card, flyer or whatever, the content, design, creativity and the quality of you printed product and they’re more likely to do business with a credible looking printing, with all being, printing stands unbeatable and Brilliant’s goal to provide an array of solutions to our clientele.

As a grade A company we excel in large format printing, but for starters let us lay out our offset printing to brush the surface before revealing our toppicks, we print; Brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, folders, calendars, notebooks, diary, packages and office products, delivery notes etc, and for our grand projects we print banners, POP, photo papers, stickers, canvas, wheel covers etc, printing and embroidery on t-shirts, shirts, uniforms, bags, etc.

We are able to print anything listed and unlisted above in a large quantity fluctuating from 100 to 1000 pc(s) whilst maintaining quality.

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